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The Pacing Parson

Thoughts and Musings #3 – Speak Softly


Yell at a person, and you’ll drive him away

and possibly make an enemy.  Speak softly to him, and you’ll gain his respect and more than likely make a friend. Soft words are like many magnets–they draw people closer to hear what you have to say.

Thoughts and Musings #2 – Refuel



Refuel daily.

Like an automobile, all persons have a fuel tank.  The tank is the soul, the fuel is the oil of the Holy Spirit, and the fuel station is the altar of prayer. And don’t wait until your fuel tank is empty. It’s risky to run out of fuel on the road.

Thoughts and Musings #1 – Thanksgiving

coffee bar


even if all you have to be grateful for is an empty cup.  At least you have a cup.  A cup you can hold, a cup you can fill, a cup, that, before day’s end could be filled to overflowing.