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The Pacing Parson

1000 More Miles!

After Don’s landmark walk across America for 3000 miles this last summer, Don celebrated his 80th birthday! On his birthday, January 4, 2016 he started another walk of 1000 miles in his local King and Pierce counties in Western Washington. This time, he is also walking with a walker, an oxygen bottle and an O² face catheter – to empathize with those suffering with PH or any other lung disease.

Here are some images from his kickoff day and his birthday party:













BNSF Buddies

For more info on Don and the other 50,000 miles he has walked, press releases, etc., click here to go to his About page.


Keeping On Schedule!

Don is making great headway and keeping up with his schedule! He stopped in Malta on Monday, the 29th and was interviewed by the newspaper, Phillips County News. Here is the link to read the article: ‘Pacing Parson’ appears in Phillips County.

On Tuesday, I spoke with Don and he was enjoying dinner with his great friend, Gary Pederson of Edgewood, WA who met him along the way. Here’s a picture of Don in Glasgow, MT.

Don in MT



(picture of courtesy of Gary Pederson)